Work Health and Safety (WHS) Operational Procedures

WHS Operational Procedures define the steps required to apply the WHS Rule and Protocols.

Operational Procedures detail the specific management of various risk areas, as well as an explanation on how to implement the safety system of UNE.

Various forms and other resources are available to management, staff and contractors. Operating procedures explain when and how these resources should be used. They are developed in consultation with staff and approved by the Director, Human Resource Services (HRS).

Operational Procedures are strategic procedures and are different to Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are tactical procedures. Operational Procedures specific to the management of Work Health and Safety are available below.

WHS OP001 Document Control Procedure

WHS OP002 Work Group Terms of Reference

WHS OP003 WHS Committee Terms of Reference

WHS OP004 WHS Management Group Terms of Reference

WHS OP006 Writing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

WHS OP008 Risk Assessment Procedure

WHS OP009 Workplace Inspections Procedure

WHS OP010 Fieldwork Procedure

WHS OP018 Off Campus Workplace Inspections Procedure

WHS OP019 Organisational Resilience and Planning Committee (ORPC) Terms of Reference

WHS OP021 Writing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Interim Operating Procedures

Interim documents have been included in the current Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and have evolved from previous WHS related practices at UNE. No material changes to content have been made from previous documents but allow continuity in the short term until the WHSMS is developed and these procedures are superseded. Interim documents are identified as such by including this classification in the title of the document as follows: '(Interim)'.

WHS OP010 (Interim) Fieldwork Procedure (previously a 'policy')

WHS OP011 (Interim) Work at Height Procedure (previously a 'policy')

WHS OP013 (Interim) Hazardous Chemicals Procedure (previously a 'policy')

WHS OP014 (Interim) Infectious Diseases Procedure (previously a 'policy')

WHS OP015 (Interim) Children in the Workplace Procedure (previously a 'policy')