Records Policy and Governance Unit

The Records Policy and Governance Unit helps support University staff to do their work to the requisite standard expected by the University and other stakeholders (including government, students, community) and in a way which meets/discharges UNE’s compliance obligations.

We do this by supporting (with systems, help and training, and advice) the way a number of key governance functions are implemented across the University, including policies, compliance responsibilities, record keeping, contract management, delegations of authorities, privacy and right to information (GIPA) compliance.

With regards to Policies:

  • We support policy development and review at the University
  • We help set UNE’s standard policy frameworks, structures, language and definitions
  • We work with subject matter experts in the crafting and amendment of policies and associated documents
  • We guide policy instruments through the policy development and review process
  • We report to the University Policy Committee on the status and fit for purpose nature of policies at UNE
  • We ensure policies are accessible and available, help facilitate consultation and feedback on changes and maintain a history of policy changes
  • We help staff with questions regarding UNE policies
  • Please see our policies on the UNE website or direct your policy related enquiry to

With regards to Records:

  • We provide training and  support to help users of UNE’s records management system
  • We provide faculty and corporate areas with advice on records requirements, on designing their records structures and naming conventions, and in getting the most out of the system – including from notifications and auto-saving features
  • We are responsible for records storage and disposal for the University
  • If you have any questions, would like to know more about records you are required to keep, or would like help with using our record keeping system, please visit the records pages on the website or contact:

With regards to Contract Management: 

  • We provide support and training in the use of the Contracts system
  • We can help business areas set up contracts in the system and to make the most of the system using reminders/tasks and other tools that help you manage your contract obligations
  • We are responsible for administering the Contracts system at UNE
  • For enquiries or help with Contract Management, please visit our contracts section of the website or email:

With regards to Compliance:

  • We maintain a searchable database of UNE’s key obligations, relevant legislation and responsible compliance officers
  • We provide support, training and advice for “compliance officers and delegates” including setting up system reminders and providing reports about UNE’s obligations
  • If you have any queries regarding your compliance role or UNE's obligations under specific legislation or regulations please contact us at

With regards to Delegations:

  • We track those delegated authorities assigned to persons and roles at UNE
  • We can help staff to understand their authorities and responsibilities
  • We can assist staff with the appropriate approval process (e.g. via committee, Board, Council or person) for a particular matter or decision
  • For enquiries or help re Delegations, please email:

With regards to Privacy:

  • UNE’s Privacy Officer can provide advice on all privacy matters including help with access and amendment requests, complaints and other enquiries relating to privacy and the handling of personal information.
  • Please see more about UNE and Privacy, including our Privacy policy on the website and please contact Caitlin Rowe at with any enquiries.

Mrs Gabrielle Price, Head of Records Policy and Governance Unit, can be contacted on (02) 6773 3445 or via