The combined challenges of finding your feet in a new location, making new friends and keeping pace with assignments, can be difficult to juggle. UNE Colleges provide the support you need to make this transition easier, to manage your priorities, and help you have fun at the same time.

UNE's Residential Colleges provide more than shelter, food and friendship. We believe that at the heart of a great student experience is an outstanding residential experience. From the very first day we set the foundations for academic success and lifelong learning, with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Residential Student Support

Support in the Colleges is made up of a team of staff and students. You will be living with a team of senior student leaders who have all had a minimum of two years in the residential system and have been appointed and trained for their role. All student leaders have their Mental Health First Aid and Physical First Aid certificate. Each College has a Head of College and an Office Manager, ready to help students or point them in the right direction.

The Residential Student Support Office is physically located between Duval and Robb College and is a central support office for all residential students.The office is a quiet space for students to escape to, a training space for leaders and the location of;

  • Project Manager for Respect.Now.Always;
  • Manager of Student Support and Residential Life and
  • Residential Manager of Marketing and Student Retention
  • Access to UNE Support Services

Student Access & Inclusion

UNE has a Student Access & Inclusion office, which provides reasonable adjustments to students with a temporary or permanent disability or medical or psychological health condition that impacts on their study. They also advise students regarding equity-related concerns. Student's are able to contact them on:

Residential Wellness Week

Wellness Week (WW) is the is the first week in the UNE Orientation program at the beginning of the year. It focuses on 3 key pillars that we believe are important to help keep our colleges a great place to live and study.

These pillars are:

  • Safe and respectful relationships;
  • mental health and wellbeing;
  • and the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Wellness Week is designed to ease the transition into university life for 1st year residential college students, many of whom are leaving home for the first time and may be travelling from other regional, interstate or even overseas destinations. It is a fun and informative program which will help connect you to all the support services available at UNE and in Armidale for this new chapter of your life.

Please head to the dedicated Residential Wellness Week page for more information

Academic support and tutoring

Academic Mentors (or tutors) are senior students who have consistently shown a high level of achievement during their own studies. They are elected by the Head of College and given additional training to help you with understanding assessment requirements; tutorial questions and general content help throughout your time at college.Each college conducts weekly study sessions that all residents are encouraged to attend.

These sessions provide opportunities to:

  • discuss upcoming assessments with other students in your subject area
  • ask questions about content
  • work on group assignments
  • access tutors from maths, chemistry, statistics and biology subject areas

UNE Medical Centre

The doctors at the University Medical Centre, assisted by a registered nurse, provide a free clinical service to UNE students. Students just need their student ID card, medicare card and health care concession card (if applicable) for bulk billing.Safety on CampusThe UNE Campus Safety Centre is located in the College precinct. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Safety, Security & Information officer is always available to attend any urgent incident or provide a helpful presence if for any reason you feel concerned for your safety.

Opening Hours are Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm
110 Butler Street (near Armidale Hospital)
(02) 6773 2916 - Call to make an appointment. Please indicate if you need a long appointment.
Fax (02) 6773 3686

After hours and home visits are not available from this surgery. Patients are to attend Accident & Emergency at the hospital.

Health and Fitness

SportUNE is considered one of the best university sporting precincts in Australia, offering variety, flexibility and a range of new facilities and services. With everything from a fitness and strength building gym, racket courts and regular classes that allow you to stay fit at all times of the week through to organised sporting clubs that offer team sports throughout the seasons. SportUNE has something for everyone - all on the Colleges doorstep! Check out the SportUNE Timetable and the variety of classes available. If you'd like to sign up, view information on SportUNE Membership.

Contact SportUNE

SportUNE Drive
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351

phone: 02 6773 3856
fax: 02 6773 2190

Open 7 days a week
Monday to Friday: 6am - 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 6pm

More links and information to Advocacy and Welfare