Finding the balance between study and your social life can be difficult in the first months of your university experience. Your college provides support to ensure that your time at college is as productive as it is enjoyable.

UNE's Residential Colleges provide more than shelter, food and friendship. We believe that at the heart of a great student experience is an outstanding residential experience, and at the heart of a UNE residential experience is academic excellence. From the very first day we set the foundations for academic success and lifelong learning, with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Academic support

Academic mentors (or tutors) are senior students who commit additional time to guiding academic progress of the residents at your college. These senior students have consistently shown a high level of achievement during their own studies and will be able to help you with understanding assessment requirements,
tutorial questions and general content help throughout your time at college.Three students studying and talking in Austin dining hall

Weekly study sessions

Each college conducts weekly study sessions that all residents are expected to attend. Academic mentors attend these sessions where you can:

  • discuss upcoming assessments with other students in your subject area
  • ask questions about content
  • work on group assignments.

Academic support team

In addition, the academic support team will also organise workshops — sometimes in coordination with other colleges — on academic skills such as writing, note taking and referencing. When required, they'll also arrange faculty staff to give tutorials on specific topics to help you go deeper into specialist subject areas.

Personal support

The combined challenges of finding your feet in a new location, making new friends and keeping pace with assignments, can be difficult to juggle. UNE Colleges provide the support you need to make this transition easier, to manage your priorities, and help you have fun at the same time.

Resident Fellows

Close up of female student in Mary White College shirt, listening intently to another student

RFs are a fantastic college initiative. They provide strong leadership and support whilst maintaining peace and equilibrium amongst residents. I had the privilege of living closely with two RF s this year and I cannot speak more highly of them. They are all highly respected members of the community and are essential to the maintenance and operation of this college

– Shelby Green

Every UNE College appoints a team of senior students to roles as Resident Fellows or Court Mentors who are trained in basic first aid, mental health awareness and conflict resolution. They help residents manage the competing pressures of their university experience.

With a focus on ensuring a healthy outlook and physical wellbeing are maintained, the Resident Fellows provide a personal point of support for residents who are part of their block or floor 'family'.

Your Resident Fellow will be your first port of call for any help you may need. They are responsible for organising outings, dinners or camps for your floor/block group and will run floor meetings to keep you updated with events and college news.

Other UNE support resources

UNE offers a wide variety of support services, including a Counselling Service that's available from Monday to Friday.

Helpful links

Useful links: local and national organisations

Urgent help: links to a range of support organisations.