Privacy law generally relates to the protection of an individual's personal information. Personal information is information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. It does not include the personal information about an individual who passed away more than 30 years ago, or the personal information contained in a publicly available publication.

When the University of New England collects, manages, corrects and protects personal information relating to staff, students and identifiable visitors to the organisation and its infrastructure, it is committed to doing so in accordance with the relevant State and Federal legislation outlined below, as well as with any other applicable laws.  The personal information you provide to UNE will be used for the purpose you provided it, to assist the University in undertaking its primary purposes (outlined within the University of New England Act, 1993 (NSW) and its associated By-laws) and any secondary purposes related to the primary purpose. UNE is not responsible for the privacy practice of web sites external to the University.

UNE will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised by law. However, information may be disclosed to a third party if the disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of you or another person.

UNE's policy instrument to assist with the management of personal and health related information, is the UNE Privacy Management Plan.

UNE staff are required under the UNE Code of Conduct to follow policies and to comply with appropriate legislation in relation to privacy and other matters. The University relies upon a number of key documents (below) informed by State and Federal legislation, to manage these.

Legislative documentation

As a New South Wales public sector agency responsible for the holding of personal information, the University must comply with State and Commonwealth legislation associated with the collection, storage, access and disclosure of personal and health related material and records.  UNE maintains a list of, and current links to the appropriate legislation, via the UNE Compliance Register.   There are three key pieces of legislation acting as instruments to inform and guide our actions in this regard, those being the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) (PPIPA) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW)(HRIPA). In addition, the University must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) in relation to:

  • Personal information the University collects and holds regarding student assistance, provided by the Commonwealth (which is an obligation under Section 19-60 of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth)); and
  • Tax file number information (in accordance with the Tax File Number Guidelines, a legislative instrument under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth))

The University's privacy management principles incorporate the privacy principles contained in each one of the Acts (PPIPA, HRIPA and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)).

The Personal Information Handling Life Cycle at UNE

The University's Privacy Management Plan introduces and provides information to operationalise these principles, which explain:

  • That collection of information is lawful, direct, relevant, open and transparent;
  • That information is stored securely, not kept any longer than necessary and disposed of appropriately;
  • That information is accurate and accessible to the person to whom it relates; and
  • That information collected for a particular purpose, is not used or disclosed for another purpose.

You have a right to access personal information the University holds about you.  You can also request that personal information held about you be corrected or updated in accordance with the UNE Privacy Management Plan.   Please contact the UNE Privacy Officer for advice about privacy issues, any perceived breaches you consider that the University may have made to privacy management or the handling of personal information (and any special circumstances in which student and staff information may be released to third parties).

Access and amendment requests, complaints and other enquiries relating to privacy and the handling of personal information should be directed to:

Caitlin Rowe
UNE Privacy Officer
Records Policy & Governance Unit

Ph: (+612) 6773 3852

Cookies and related technologies

The University collects information about visitors to our websites via the use of third-party cookies or other automated means including server logs. A cookie is a packet of data that a website puts on a visitor's computer's hard disk to identify them as a visitor to that site for a limited time. This information could include: your server address; your domain name; your IP address; the date, time and duration of your visit; the page accessed before your visit to our site; the pages accessed and documents downloaded from our site; the previous site visited; the type of browser you used (see UNE Privacy Management Plan).

For information about the University’s use of cookies, or to disallow cookies through your web browser settings visit the cookies and related technologies information page.