My Future Finder

As part of a student's career development planning at school, they may be invited to take part in a free online personality and career matching assessment with their career advisor.

UNE’s My Future Finder is a free resource that is designed to help match a student's personal style to career options that suit their natural abilities and talents, as well as university courses that may set them on the path to achieving their career goals.

While My Future Finder is in no way definitive or prescriptive, it is a very useful guide and we do encourage career advisors, parents and care-givers to use the report to start a conversation about their student's future beyond school.

Parent and care-givers want only the very best for your son or daughter; Career advisors want to encourage and guide their students. Career planning is one area where guidance can help students make the wisest choices.

The My Future Finder online career assessment helps parents, career advisors, and teachers start a meaningful conversation to guide students on a career path that matches their personality style and natural talents. Most of all, it’s a great ice-breaker and gets everyone talking.

Designed primarily for year 10-12 students (but also great fun for the whole family), the My Future Finder report features:

  • A personality style analysis, including their natural gifts and talents
  • Ideal jobs that match their personality style (a list of over 50 career options)
  • Live links to the Australian Government’s My Future website to research each job listed
  • Insights into their work-related strengths and ideal work environment
  • The qualities they would bring to the job and how they make a difference
  • The right words and phrases to use in their resume
  • A live link to a FREE resume building tool!

Parents’ Resources

Each child has a unique personality profile that can be identified using four personality styles; Driver, Promoter, Supporter and Analyser.  Your child's profile indicates how they will deal with most situations, and the Parent Guide will help you to understand your child and improve your relationship with them. Understanding their styles will help you recognise how to motivate, communicate, improve their learning ability, minimise any conflict, and enhance your overall relationship with them.

Parents - how you can get involved:

  1. When prompted by your secondary school provide your child with your email address and encourage them to use it. If your child includes your email address as well as theirs when they complete My Future Finder you will also receive a copy of their report, special resources to explain everything and a link so you can do it too if you like.
  2. Follow the link in the My Future Finder parent email and complete My Future Finder yourself. Share this link with other members of your family.
  3. Get together, share your reports, start a conversation, compare personality styles, talk about the future and have some FUN!