Transfer to UNE

There are lots of reasons why people change universities. Whatever the reason - we would love to have you join us at UNE.

Studying online is a great way to balance your studies with your lifestyle. UNE is Australia's longest continuous provider of distance education with many thousands of students studying by distance throughout the country and all over the world. As part of our unique expertise in providing flexible study options, we offer a range of support systems to help you succeed in your studies.

Almost every degree at UNE is available online but some subjects will require you to attend intensive school on campus. You will need to have access to the internet, an office or other good place for you to study, and about 15 hours a week for each subject (unit) you plan to study each semester.

How do I apply for a transfer?

If you are looking to transfer to UNE, you can find more information about applying at How to Apply.

How do I apply for advanced standing (credit transfer)?

At UNE we will do our best to recognise all the subjects you have completed so far so they count towards your degree, this is called Advanced Standing. For more information about applying for Advanced Standing please visit Advanced Standing and Permission to Enrol Elsewhere.

For information on maximum credit points that may be granted and the minimum credit points that must be completed at UNE refer to your course in the Course and Unit Catalogue. The degree rules for your course, as well as UNE policy, will determine the maximum amount of advanced standing that you can receive.