Our values, Madgwick's legacy

Sir Robert Madgwick, UNE's first vice chancellor, knew intrinsically that education is critical to helping people adapt to workplaces and change. Education as key to empowerment is a theme that runs throughout his career.

Madgwick listened and acted: As warden to the New England University College (NEUC) in Armidale, before UNE was formed, he listened to the region — its rural and farming communities — and expanded NEUC's curriculum to include rural science and agricultural economics.

Madgwick was solution-driven: During the post-World War 2 baby boom it was evident Australia needed more teachers to cater to the growing population. Madgwick set up a distance-education teacher-training program from the New England University College in Armidale (Sydney University's rural outpost), for aspiring teachers otherwise restricted from tertiary study because or where they lived.

He was a true champion of distance education for the purpose of empowering society — so everyone has the opportunity to adapt to the challenges of a changing world.

A culture of understanding

In the 21st Century, Madgwick's legacy is alive at UNE.

As he once said in relation to education, we ...

find out what people want, give it to them, and go on from there … and never take the easy way and start with what I think they need.

UNE's Bespoke Courses are offered after researching and understanding what people want — to better adapt to, and manage, a complex and changing world.

Bespoke Courses

Our revolutionary Bespoke Courses provide working adults the freedom to select the individual units needed to assemble into short, bespoke courses.

Our aim is to empower adults to adapt quickly to challenges and opportunities within their rapidly changing workplaces — part of our commitment to provide the most flexible, personal and transformative learning experience in Australia.

Online degrees

More than 200 courses — all with a personal and flexible approach.

Our focus is on your future and providing a personal and flexible approach to learning.

We offer more than 200 courses at undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and higher degree research levels with options to study online or on campus.

Study on campus in Armidale

Choosing to study on campus in Armidale gives you the traditional university experience, with the added benefit of small class sizes and great access to lecturers. Academic staff are passionate about what they teach and they're keen to see you succeed.