Complaints, Compliments and Feedback

Welcome to the Student Grievance Unit.  The SGU is an independent investigative unit which provides assistance with and the resolution of any student related issues, concerns or complaints submitted by students, staff, residential schools, associated businesses and any entity that undertakes operations on behalf of the University of New England.  Our objective is to ensure a supportive and positive student experience.

What We Cover

Complaints regarding issues related to a student's studies or relationship with the University of New England that may be causing a staff member, a student or a member of the public distress. Find out what we cover.

Not sure how to address a concern you have? Contact us.

For more information regarding student related policies, please refer to the related link.

The SGU does not investigate complaints regarding allegations of staff misconduct or matters of academic judgement.  SGU may investigate allegations of undue process in  the exercise of academic judgement.  SGU does not impose penalties.

For an overview of  the Student (Related) Grievance Handling Procedures,  please see the flow chart.

How to Lodge a Complaint

Please complete the online Complaints Form or submit a complaint via Grapevine.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are active enquiries currently being undertaken in another area of the University that relate to the concerns being raised in the complaint form, SGU will not commence an investigation until those enquiries are completed.

It is the responsibility of the complainant to provide to SGU, evidence that supports the concerns as stated within the complaint.

When your form has been submitted, your complaint will be acknowledged within one standard business day of receipt . A late Friday or weekend submission will result in a Monday or next business day acknowledgement.


The University of New England firmly upholds the right of all our members to be treated fairly, with respect and free from threatening or inappropriate behaviour - including sexual assault, sexual or other harassment, acts or threats of violence, intimidation or discrimination - and to work, study and live in a safe and caring environment.

It starts here - Respect for everyone, right Now and Always.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

As part of the complaint process, the SGU now offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) for suitable matters.

Give Us Your Feedback

Receiving student feedback is an important way in which UNE can improve the student experience. We welcome feedback and refer constructive suggestions on for appropriate action.

If you have a suggestion, compliment or question relating to the delivery of academic or administrative services or the provision of support services please contact us using the online Feedback Form.

When your form has been submitted, your feedback will be acknowledged within one business day of receipt and passed on to the appropriate area for consideration and follow up by the business unit concerned. A late Friday or weekend submission will result in a Monday or next business day acknowledgement.

Alternative Avenue of Review (NSW Ombudsman)