Academic Board

Academic Board is the principal academic governance body of the University, established under the UNE legislation. It oversees the academic governance of the University's mission and the quality of the University's academic programs, reports to and advises the Council and advises the Vice-Chancellor on academic matters, as well as providing a forum for discussion on teaching and research-related issues.

Members of Academic Board and its committees are elected and drawn from senior management, academic and professional staff and students. The Academic Board works closely with the senior executive of the University as well as with the University Council, to ensure that the University's academic programs and outcomes are of the highest quality.

The Academic Board has a number of committees including Academic Board Standing Committee, Research Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, and Curriculum Committee. More details, including the membership of each of these committees can be found under Academic Board Committees.

For further information on Academic Board, please refer to the following pages:

Meeting Dates

Meeting Papers and Minutes can be accessed via Moodle.

Templates and Forms for reporting to Academic Board and Committees (including standard submission templates) [Please note this page is currently under construction - in the interim please email]

Terms of Reference, Policies and Reference Material

Elections and Inductions

Academic Board Contacts

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