Your WHS Reps (HSRs)

Consultation is a legal requirement and an essential part of managing health and safety risks.

At UNE, we have a three tier consultation framework based on the formation of WHS Work Groups with representatives sitting on the WHS Committee and management review facilitated by the WHS Management Group.

Most Workers at UNE belong to one of eight WHS Work Groups listed below.

What does it mean to be a Health and Safety Representative (HSR)?

You will represent your work group on the UNE WHS Committee. The WHS Committee meets every two months and the Chairperson is Professor Peter Creamer. The elected HSR will become the Chairperson of their work group. Work Groups convene every two months to review and discuss health and safety matters pertaining to your work environment. The tenure of HSRs is 3 years.

What does it mean to be a Deputy HSR?

You will fulfil the duties of a HSR when the elected HSR is unavailable.

What does it mean to be a HSR Nominee?

HSR Nominees are typically those who nominated to be elected as a HSR, but may include other staff that volunteer and commit to attending work group meetings on a regular basis. HSR Nominees may be identified after the nomination and election of HSRs and their Deputies.

More information about HSRs can be found in WHS P003 Consultation Protocol and their responsibilities are detailed in WHS P002 Organisational WHS Responsibilities Protocol.

Unlike Officers of the University, HSRs are not personally liable for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith. HSRs are a representative 'voice' only and responsibility for health and safety at the University cannot be delegated or transferred to them beyond the responsibilities imposed upon them in the capacity for which they are employed - WHS P003 Consultation Protocol.

Terms of Reference dictate how each level of consultation is implemented at UNE.

WHS OP002 Work Group Terms of Reference

WHS OP003 WHS Committee Terms of Reference

WHS OP004 WHS Management Group Terms of Reference

Work Group Name and NumberSchools/Directorates/LocationsHSR, Deputy HSR and
HSR Nominees
Work Group 1 - Teaching AreasHASSE, Law and BusinessHSR: Peter O'Donohue
Deputy HSR: Jane Kelly
HSR Nominees: Johl Sue, Anne Carlon, Lynn Everett, Erin Ihde, Beatrice Bleile
Work Group 2 - SportSport UNE and Sports ScienceHSR: Andrew South
Deputy HSR: Josh Martin
HSR Nominees: Tom Bower, Susan Northey, Michael Price
Work Group 3 - Health and MedicineSchool of Health and School of Rural MedicineHSR: Julie Dol
Deputy HSR: Muriel Dell
HSR Nominees: Suzanne Riley
Work Group 4 - Sciences and AgricultureSciences and Agriculture, including rural properties and parts of BCSSHSR: Oliver Knox
Deputy HSR: Isabelle Rhunke
HSR Nominees:
Chris Lisle (BCSS), Jenny Druitt, John Pesor, Pat Littlefield, Michael Raue, Graham Chaffey, Sandy Watson, Malcolm Lambert, Andrew Wallace, Helene Dawson, Glenn Hand
Work Group 5 - Security, UNE LifeSafety and Security, UNE Life Management, Yarm Gwanga, UNE Medical CentreHSR: Michelle Elson
Deputy HSR: Shane Farrugia
HSR Nominees: 
Work Group 6 - UNE LifeTuneFM, Sleek Hair Design, Belgrave Cinema, Café Life, Café 77, Campus Essentials, the Booloominbah Collection, and the BistroHSR: Jennifer Allan
Deputy HSR: Emmaline Gallagher, Tom Fisher
HSR Nominees: TBC
Work Group 7 - FMSFMSHSR: Matthew Simpson
Deputy HSR: Rochelle Slade
HSR Nominees: TBC
Work Group 8 - Professional ServicesUNE Executive offices, International, Oorala, LaTT, HRS, Finance, Research Services, Student Support, Marketing, Library, UNE Sydney, UNEP, ITDHSR: Di Bailey-Graham, Glenn Hand
Deputy HSR: TBC 
HSR Nominees: Julie Orr, Robyn Halloran,
Michael Watson, Kylie Flack, Cameron Colless, Peter Roper (UNEP), Leisa Dornan (UNE Sydney)
Work Group 9 - Residential SystemUNE Residential Office, Austin College, Duval College, Earle Page College, Robb College, Wright College/Village, and Compass Catering GroupHSR: Jodi McAlary
Deputy HSR: TBC
HSR Nominees: Fiona Murray, Lyndal Cooper, Sarah Hodges, Georgia Pearlman, Georgie Doran, Lucy Kelly, Ingrid Porter, Tony Boston, Leigh Kelly, Maree Rogers