A five-star experience


The Good Universities Guide (GUG) has awarded UNE five stars for “Overall Student Experience” for the 14th year in a row.

GUG also ranked UNE as the State’s top university for Student Support and Teaching Quality. UNE’s graduates also have the State’s highest starting salary upon entering the workforce, and the University has the highest proportion of “first in family” commencements.

Flexible study options

Our aim is to offer you the most flexible study options without losing any of the rigour required in a quality tertiary education. You can study on campus for a traditional face-to-face education experience, or from wherever you are; our new generation of online study is making tertiary education more accessible than ever.

Why study with us?

Kate McNeill_resized.jpg

“The best thing about UNE’s support is the lecturers. They are not distant people - they are really approachable, really helpful, and really flexible when they know you have a family.”

Kate McNeill, Bachelor of Nursing

"I'm the first in my family to complete a tertiary degree. My goals when I started were to study overseas and move to a city to join a graduate program, and I've achieved both."

Ty Archibald, Bachelor of Business

"I'm living proof that even if you come from a tough background it's still possible to achieve academically, if you have support. The kind of support I received at UNE."

Kandis Hoffman, Bachelor of Education (Primary)

"I am looking forward to taking what I have learned and contributing to my own country. UNE has helped me to fulfil my dreams."

Sangay Dorji, Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources Management, Master of Resource Science, Doctor of Philosophy

"My return to the classroom (virtual or otherwise) for the first time in 35 years has been a real achievement and UNE has walked me through this... mission from afar."

Jim McKairnes, Master of Arts

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