Honorary Associate, Adjunct & Clinical Appointments

UNE is enriched by its relationships with former staff, alumni members, its wider academic and locational community, and individuals of distinction who by their achievements in their field have enhanced and strengthened the University's reputation nationally and internationally.

For detailed information, the Honorary Titles and Awards Rule and Honorary Titles and Awards Procedures provide details of process and the connections, contributions, and privileges that are attributed to the awards of honorary titles.

For more detailed information on Honorary Appointments please refer to the Honorary Appointments Procedures.

Application and Renewal form

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Adjunct, Honorary Associate and Clinical Nomination Form

Process - Step by step


Initial appointment: The nominee does not currently hold an honorary appointment with UNE, or where there has been a break in the appointment for more than three (3) months.

Renewed appointment: The nominee's honorary appointment has come to the end of the five (5) year term and is to be continued from the end date of the existing honorary appointment. Paper work is submitted within three (3) months of the appointment expiry date.

Process - Step by step

Step 1. Initial Appointment: UNE Academic staff member (or Head of School) identifies individual as potential collaborator with UNE through an Adjunct or Honorary Associate appointment. Academic staff member suggests nomination to Head of School (HoS).

Step 1. Renewal: UNE Academic staff member (or HoS) wants to continue an Adjunct or Honorary Associate appointment. A nomination renewal is suggested to HoS.

Step 2. With preliminary approval from HoS, UNE Academic (now considered to be Nominee’s UNE Academic contact) and Nominee complete appropriate Adjunct nomination form. Initial appointments also require a current Curriculum Vitae.

Step 3. Nomination form is submitted to School for HoS signed approval.

Step 4. Once approved, HoS signs form. If not approved, the unsuccessful nominee is informed by the School. No further action can be taken and no appeal can be made.

Step 5. The School submits all approved documentation to Human Resource Services (HRS).

Step 6. HRS sends confirmation letter to Adjunct/Honorary Associate and School, with terms and conditions enclosed.

Step 7. Adjunct/Honorary Associate returns signed terms and conditions to HRS.

Step 8. HRS enters Adjunct/Honorary Associate on system, and provides staff number to Adjunct/Honorary Associate and School.

Final Step. School organises IT access, HRS saves all documentation to TRIM.

Frequently Asked Questions

A range of Frequently Asked Questions has been put together to assist you throughout the appointment process.

Further questions can be emailed to hr-services@une.edu.au.