Legal Office

The Legal Office provides strategic, professional and independent legal services to enable excellent business relationships and assist the University to achieve its mission and goals

The Legal Office service delivery has moved to the ServiceNow Platform.

Needing legal advice?

All requests for legal advice must be submitted via the Legal Request Form.

The Legal Request Form can also be found by selecting Legal Advice from the list of categories in the Service Catalog within ServiceNow

Wanting a contract reviewed?

Contracts can be submitted for review via the Contracts Management System (CMS) Open Windows.

A staged rollout of Open Windows is currently in place across the University.  For enquiries regarding the rollout of the CMS please email

Legal Office Advice and Services

The Legal Office provides legal advice and services to the University and its controlled entities on legal matters affecting the University.  The Legal Office does not provide legal advice to staff on personal matters or to students.  It coordinates external legal services provided to the University.

The Legal Office is committed to providing high quality legal advice and services to the University in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Legal Office advice and services include:

  • reviewing, drafting and negotiating a broad range of agreements (eg: research, collaboration, intellectual property, goods and services, construction, sponsorship, placements, MOUs and deeds, and processing them for signature by the appropriate UNE delegate;
  • legal advice (eg: intellectual property, discrimination law, privacy) in response to requests for legal assistance;
  • interpreting and applying University policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • interpreting and applying legislation including the University of New England Act 1993 (NSW) and By-law 2005;
  • instructing external lawyers and mediators;
  • dispute resolution;
  • litigation;
  • subpoenas; and
  • access to government information.

The Legal Office reports to the Chief Operating Officer.

Legal Office Templates and Forms
Legal Office Template Agreements

The following agreements are UNE Legal Office templates.  The terms in these agreements have been drafted by the Legal Office and are the preferred agreements to be used by UNE.

The project owner for the agreement is required to complete the highlighted fields within the document with as much detail as possible.  Please then submit the draft agreement for review by the Legal Office before sending to counter party for consideration.

Please contact the Legal Office if you are unsure which agreement to use.

Once you have a final version of the agreement, see Requesting Legal Advice and Contract Processing - Legal Office Forms below before submitting for final review and execution.

Confidentiality Agreement (Two Way) - where both parties will be sharing information with each other

Confidentiality Agreement (One Way) - where only one party will be sharing information with another

Goods and Services Agreement - for services only, goods only, or goods and services - not for use for IT procurement unless approved by the Legal Office

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

PHA Internship Agreement - for use by Poultry Hub Australia only

Sponsorship Agreement - UNE as Sponsor

Sponsorship Agreement - Third Party as Sponsor

Student Placement Agreement with Discipline Schedule

Voluntary Work Experience Agreement

Requesting Legal Advice and Contract Processing - Legal Office Forms

Requests for legal advice via the Legal Request Form in the Service Now Portal.

Any agreement, MOU or deed that is in final form and ready to be signed by the UNE delegate must be sent to the Legal Office for processing, which includes final review and execution.

If you are submitting the agreement for processing via the ServiceNow portal, you will also need to complete a Request for Legal Approval form (RLA).  Agreements submitted via the Contracts Management System (CMS) do not require an RLA.

The RLA is an instruction to the Legal Office that an agreement, MOU or deed has School and Faculty or Directorate approval and is ready to be signed by UNE. It is a risk management procedure to make sure UNE does not sign unapproved, draft or incorrect agreements, MOUs or deeds.

There are two RLAs. One for contractor agreements for goods and services, the other for research, UNE consultancy and other agreements (that are not contractor agreements for goods and services).

The RLA must be completed by the person with operational responsibility for the agreement and signed by that person and the Head of School, Director or equivalent. It contains a series of questions that must be answered and, where it requests attachments, those attachments must be with the RLA or the RLA will be returned to the officer for completion.

Please contact the Contracts Officer if you have any questions about the RLA or process of having agreements, MOUs or deeds signed by UNE.

Request for Legal Approval (Contracts for Goods, Services, Lease or Property Transfer)

Request for Legal Approval (Research and other Contracts)

Our Staff


Ms Katrina Warden

Lawyer, BA, LLB, GDLP (USyd)

Solicitor of the High Court of Australia
Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and NT

Telephone - 02 6773 3970
Email -

Contracts and Right to Information Officer

Dr Carmel O'Brien

BA (Hons) PhD (UNE) DSM

Telephone - 02 6773 3096
Email -

Paralegal and Right to Information Officer

Nicole Killen

AssocDegLaw (Paralegal) (SCU)

Telephone - 02 6773 4071
Email -

Paralegal Officer

Libby Magann

BAppSci (Consumer Science)
GCert ProfLegalStudies
Accredited Research Manager (Foundation Level)

Telephone - 02 6773 3875
Email -

Legal Office

Contact Details


First Floor, Booloominbah Building

Postal Address

Legal Office
University of New England

Independence Statement 

The lawyers in the UNE Legal Office need to remain independent of the various lines of business, any Board and the management team of UNE to ensure that the legal advice they provide is sufficiently objective and impartial, and to comply with their professional obligations as lawyers.

Independence Policy of UNE Legal Office:

  1. Legal services must be provided in an independent and professional manner in accordance with each lawyer’s responsibilities as an officer of the Court or Courts in which they are admitted to practice and laws, regulations and professional rules applying to legal practitioners in Australia.
  2. In certain circumstances, the professional duties of the lawyers in the UNE Legal Office may take precedence over their duties to UNE or individuals within UNE.
  3. The role of the UNE Legal Office is to provide legal advice as opposed to commercial advice.  This distinction must be clearly understood where a lawyer is providing legal advice to the business to assist the business in making a commercial assessment for a particular matter.
  4. UNE management, such as the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, individuals in senior management positions, directors of any Board etc and other employees must not seek to inappropriately influence the proper exercise of the independent professional judgment of a lawyer in the UNE Legal Office.
  5. If a lawyer in the UNE Legal Office forms the view that their ability to provide impartial legal advice has been, or may be, compromised he or she should immediately inform the General Counsel or Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer or equivalent.
  6. Where a lawyer in the UNE Legal Office performs both legal and non-legal roles, those roles must be clearly delineated and the distinction identified where appropriate in the relevant communications.

The lawyers in the UNE Legal Office acknowledge that they owe a duty of confidentiality to those whom they advise and have a duty to act always with the utmost integrity.