Incident and Hazard Reporting

All injuries must be reported to your supervisor and the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Team within 24 hours, no matter how minor they are!

It is the responsibility of all staff, contractors, volunteers, students and visitors to report any incident they are involved in. UNE staff may report incidents and hazards on behalf of contractors, volunteers, students and visitors.

Any hazard that cannot be eliminated immediately should be reported and documented.

To report an incident or hazard, follow the reporting instructions for:

Staff reporting

Student and Contractor reporting

Visitor reporting

Staff Reporting of Incidents and Hazards

All staff are required to log incidents and hazards in our software system called SkyTrust. This is a secure portal that allows the WHS Team to log and monitor incidents, hazards and all associated corrective actions.

If the injured person is unable to complete the form, their supervisor must complete the form on their behalf.

The incident notification and report will automatically be sent to the WHS Team and the supervisor of the staff member involved in the incident. If you have any questions about providing incident details please contact

Staff Reporting Login via SkyTrust

Easy First Time Login Instructions:

  1. Go to SkyTrust homepage
  2. Click on 'login' in the top right corner
  3. Click on 'Forgot username or password?'
  4. Enter your username (UNE email address)
  5. Click on the link in the email you receive to set your new SkyTrust password

Reporting Instructions:

Once logged in to SkyTrust you will see two large tiles that allow reporting of incidents and hazards as illustrated in the picture below.

Screen shot of skytrust data entry screen

Alternatively, you can click on 'Safety' in the left hand menu and follow the links to report an incident or hazard.

screen shot 2 of skytrust data entry screen

Student and Contractor Reporting of Incidents and Hazards

In the event that an incident occurs under the supervision of an academic, professional, or residential staff member, the UNE staff member is responsible for ensuring an incident report is submitted via SkyTrust (see staff reporting, above, for link to SkyTrust). This also applies to UNE First Aiders that respond to any incident on campus.

In the case of incidents occurring within the University grounds (but not under the supervision of a UNE staff member), the incident (or hazard) should be reported via the forms below and forwarded to the WHS Team.

Visitor Reporting of Incidents and Hazards

Visitors to the University can report incidents to the WHS Team directly by utilising the forms below.

WHS F021 Hard Copy Incident Report Form

WHS F022 Hard Copy Hazard Report Form

Additional Information

Notifiable Incidents

Some incidents are considered 'Notifiable' and the WHS Team is responsible for contacting SafeWork NSW in this instance.

'Notifiable incidents' may relate to any person— whether an employee, contractor or member of the public.

Only the most serious safety incidents are intended to be notifiable, and they trigger requirements to preserve the incident site pending further direction from the regulator.

Workers Compensation

Staff who are injured while carrying out a work related activity may be eligible for Workers Compensation. To lodge a workers compensation claim, please email the University Health and Well-being Officer.

You will need to have a Certificate of Capacity (obtained from a hospital or General Practitioner) in order to lodge a claim.

Students, adjunct staff and volunteers are not eligible for Workers Compensation. Information about public liability and insurance are managed by Financial Services, please contact