Entry Pathways

There are many ways to gain entry to study a degree at UNE. The option you choose will depend on your prior study and experience and the degree that you wish to study. The following list outlines possible entry options to a UNE degree.

Alternative Entry for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Oorala Aboriginal Centre offers two programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who would like to apply for admission to UNE undergraduate courses:

Internal Selection Program (ISP) is a one-day testing and assessment program which focuses on each participant's study skills and career goals. Following an interview, participants are recommended for admission to either UNE courses or TRACKS (see below) and advised on suitable alternatives for study in their chosen field.

TRACKS Tertiary Preparation Program (TRACKS) is an enabling course which prepares you for university study and supports you to make informed choices about applying for a UNE undergraduate course. Be part of a community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who share your goals and interests! TRACKS is designed to assist students with the development of study skills and the transition to mainstream university courses. TRACKS offers on campus or online study.

View details about TRACKS and Internal Selection Program

ATAR, OP or equivalent

You can apply on the basis of an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), an Overall Position (OP) rank for QLD students, NSW Tertiary Preparation Certificate score or an equivalent qualification that meets the required cut-off for a particular course. The cut-off score is listed for each course in our Course and Unit Catalogue wherever applicable.

There are conversions available if you have not recently completed Year 12 but obtained a score/rank that can be assessed against the current course cut-off score.

Mature Age Special Entry

The UNE Undergraduate Admission Rule provides for Mature Age Special Entry as an alternative entry option for applicants without educational qualifications. The purpose of completing the mature age form is to enable applicants to provide a supporting case demonstrating their reasonable prospects for academic success at UNE in the undergraduate course/s they are applying for.

Please note this pro-forma cannot be used to support admission to some UNE courses with specific entry requirement/s or admission processes such as Law and Medicine.

To use Mature Age Special Entry in support of your application you will need to apply for your chosen course/s and complete and submit Mature Age Admission Form.

Pathways Enabling Course

The Pathways Enabling course prepares you for admission to an undergraduate course at UNE. The course awards you with the minimum requirements to subsequently enter an undergraduate degree at UNE with an ATAR requirement of 77.10 or lower.

The course consists of two units in subjects that can contribute toward your next degree as well as two Foundation units that provide the basic skills and knowledge required for successful university study and provide mentoring and additional tutorial support.

The Pathways Enabling course is free from course fees and available online.

Why study the Pathways Enabling Course?

  • Prepare for university without paying course fees
  • Gain admission to university
  • Flexible online study
  • Develop valuable skills and knowledge
  • Complete study that can count towards your next degree
  • Start in any three teaching periods.

View the Pathways Enabling Course details

Alternatively you can submit the UNE Pathways Enabling Information Pro-forma as part of your application

Prior University Study

If you have studied at another University you may be able to apply for your chosen UNE course on the basis of your existing University results.  UNE has study options for you whether you have partially completed your study at another University and wish to transfer your studies to UNE, or you have completed a tertiary qualification and are looking to extend your qualifications or commence study in another area.

School Leaver Entry 

In addition to applying for entry based on their ATAR or OP, current school leavers may also like to consider the following:

UNE Early Entry

UNE Early Entry gives current Year 12 (or equivalent) students the opportunity to receive an offer/ offers of a place from UNE, based on their school/TAFE or college's recommendation.

UNE ATAR Adjustment Scheme

UNE ATAR Adjustment Scheme is available to students from regional, rural and remote locations Australia-wide and adds 5 points to the students ATAR, OP (or equivalent).

Educational Access Scheme

UNE acknowledges and provides consideration for applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage. To help with this, UNE has an Educational Access Scheme. Applicants applying for on-campus study can apply for consideration under the EAS administered by the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) and the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC).

Science Pathways Program

The Science Pathways program in the Bachelor of Scientific Studies is designed for students who may have little or no scientific background. It aims to build the skills and knowledge to help prepare students for more specialised science-based degrees.

The program includes foundation units in basic sciences and allows you to choose units from a range of specific study pathways. On completion of the program you can transfer into the science degree of your choice, and receive credit for units already completed.

Why choose the Science Pathways program?

  • Specifically tailored for admission to study science degrees at University
  • Approved programs of study leading into specialised undergraduate science degrees
  • Units completed in the Science Pathways can count towards your next degree
  • Flexible study modes

Learn more about the Science Pathways program.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is used by many Universities as part of their admissions procedure for certain applicants. If you have no formal qualifications on which to base your application to a tertiary institution, you may be eligible to be considered for entry to a course by sitting a STAT.

STAT is a series of related tests designed to assess a range of competencies commonly considered important for success in tertiary study. STAT assesses your ability to understand the material given and to think critically about issues, rather than to test knowledge of curriculum or a specific academic subject. UNE accepts the multiple-choice (MC) component of the STAT. Your STAT results provide you with a score which is valid for 3 years. Visit ACER for more information.

TAFE New England Pathways

UNE's partnership with TAFE New England (TNE) opens the door to university for a range of students who have completed a Certificate IV or Diploma. If you are studying accounting, agriculture, business, early childhood education, health, nursing or social work at TNE you are guaranteed a place at UNE when you finish.

These pathways to university are open to everyone – whether you started studying at TNE after high school, want to improve your skills or change your career path.

Learn more about TNE Pathways to UNE.

VET and TAFE Qualifications

If you have undertaken studies to obtain a qualification such as Certificate IV or better, you may wish to use these qualifications as the basis of your application to UNE. These qualifications are obtained from a TAFE or other AQF approved private providers and Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
such as UNE Partnerships.

If you are looking at study with UNE to extend your existing qualifications in your chosen discipline in some cases you may be able to apply to enter an articulation program, or seek advanced standing, in recognition of an existing Diploma/Advanced Diploma to help lessen the number of units you need to study to obtain your next qualification.

UNE Partnerships

UNE Partnerships can provide learning pathways from vocational milestones to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. This is achieved by careful mapping of UNE Partnerships' courses to the requirements of UNE degrees and the Australian
Qualifications Framework (AQF), ensuring seamless articulation, and maximising the potential recognition of advanced standing.

UNE Partnerships offers a range of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs, while UNE offers an extensive selection of graduate and postgraduate award choices in key discipline areas backed by research excellence. Students can choose the pathway most convenient for them, building credit towards
award milestones at every step.