Tuition Fees

The information in this section is for domestic students (Australian and New Zealand Citizens, and Australian Permanent Residents) thinking about studying:

  • an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree,
  • single unit (non-award or cross-institutional) or
  • bespoke study.

Your tuition fees depend on your fee category (determined by citizenship and residency status), the course you study, the type of fee places available and the year you commence.

Note: If you are a New Zealand Permanent Resident or International Student your fee information is listed here.

Fee Types

There are two main types of tuition fees for university study – Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and Full Fee.

CSPs are available for all undergraduate degrees and a limited number of postgraduate coursework degrees. There are quotas on the number of CSP allocated to each course. To check if your course has CSP places available in 2020 visit 2020 CSP Availability.

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is a government subsidised place in a university course, where the government pays a contribution directly to the university for part of your tuition fees, and you pay the remainder which is known as the ‘student contribution amount’.

CSPs are available for the majority of undergraduate degrees and a limited number of postgraduate degrees. Please check 2020 CSP Availability to see if your course has CSPs available.

To find out more information about our CSP's, visit the CSP Information page.

Full Fee Places

Most postgraduate students in Australia study in a Full Fee place. The government does not subsidise tuition fees in a Full Fee place, which means you are required to pay the full cost of tuition fees – though there are government loans (FEE-HELP) and tax deductions for self-education expenses if you are eligible.

To find out more information about Full Fee places, visit the Full Fee Information page.

Non-Award Study

Non-award units are single units of study outside of a degree or Bespoke course (non-award also includes students enrolled in cross-institutional units).

To find out more information about our Non-Award Study, visit the Non-Award Study page.

Need help working out what fee category you are in?

Use our Fee Category Finder for help.