Living at UNE

Affordable Lifestyle, Priceless Experience

UNE remains one of the few universities to provide the complete on-campus experience combining affordability, student support and social life. Our graduates consistently rate living at UNE as being 'an affordable lifestyle, priceless experience'. Our Residential System gives you the benefit of academic, social and personal support networks and a rich tradition of vibrant inter-college competitions in sporting and cultural activities.

UNE's residential accommodation consists of eight colleges, including six traditional college residences, a village of self-contained units and the modern studio apartments at Wright College, complete with your own private kitchen and bathroom.  

Whatever your lifestyle choice, we have an accommodation style to suit you.

Off Campus Living

College accommodation may not suit everyone. If you would prefer to live off-campus, Uni4Me can help you find shared accommodation, private board and local rentals in Armidale.

Most students studying at UNE choose to live in share houses or apartments. Shared housing is a great way to meet new friends and be a part of a learning and social environment off campus.

In considering off-campus living you should take into account the terms of tenancy agreements including costs such as power, water and communications as well as transport arrangements to and from campus.

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