Living at UNE

Flexible on-campus accommodation

There are some great reasons to live on campus when you study with UNE:

  • It’s cheaper to live on campus than it is to rent in town (when you consider all of the extra costs).
  • Live on campus and all of your utility bills are taken care of – that includes free, unlimited Wi-Fi and all of your heating.
  • Choose to look after your own food or opt for one of our catered options
  • Academic and social support are right there to help you reach your potential
  • Convenient location to the academic campus, sporting and social activities
  • ACER Research has demonstrated that students who chose to live on-campus perform better academically, adjust to University life better and are far more likely to complete their University studies successfully.
  • Participate in Residential Wellness Week - the first week in Trimester 1. This week is designed to ease the transition into university life for on campus students staying in a residential college.

Choosing to live in one of UNE’s residential colleges not only saves you money, it puts you in the ideal position to enjoy the living and learning experience to the fullest. Both socially and academically, you are right at the heart of the action.

Each college has its own distinct character and all of them welcome students into friendly, inclusive and supportive communities.

Off-Campus Living

College accommodation may not suit everyone. If you would prefer to live off-campus, Uni4Me can help you find shared accommodation, private board and local rentals in Armidale.

When considering off-campus living you should take into account the terms/duration of tenancy agreements including costs such as bond, wifi, furniture, power, water as well as transport arrangements and costs to and from campus.

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