Risk Management Forms

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Computer Workstation Ergonomic Checklist (WHS F019) (41.1 KB)

A Checklist to ensure your workstation is ergonomically sound

FMS Work Request - Take 5 (WHS F052) (38.5 KB)

This form is attached to all work requests issued to FMS staff. It facilitates a short risk assessment, completed on all jobs before commencing work.

Interim Manual Handling Task - Observation Checklist (WHS F040) (173.2 KB)

Historically used at UNE to identify hazards associated with manual handling

Interim Volunteer Acknowledgement Form (WHS F034) (54.0 KB)

Historically used at UNE to gather volunteer details and sign off

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Template (WHS F029) (209.2 KB)

Used to record a JSA in any area of the university

Risk Assessment Form (WHS F020) (148.8 KB)

Used to document consultative risk assessments

Safe Operating Procedure Template (WHS F059) (119.8 KB)

Use an SOP to describe the steps carried out to utilise a particular piece of plant, equipment, machinery, tool, or to mix hazardous chemicals

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Annual Plan Template for Schools and Directorates (WHS F032) (57.8 KB)

A template for Directors and Heads of Schools to use for 2018 WHS Planning

Workplace Inspection Checklist (WHS F025) (144.6 KB)

An annual checklist for work environments at UNE

Isolated/Remote Workplace Inspection Checklist (WHS F031) (44.3 KB)

An off campus workplace checklist for those that work from home and/or those who have varied their primary place of work

Alcohol Event Risk Assessment (WHS F070) (149.5 KB)

To be used for all events where alcohol is present.