Digital Play Framework (DPF) Intervention

A School of Education Seminar presented on Wednesday, November 28th by Dr Margaret Rogers and Dr Jo Bird

Literature around children’s use of technologies in early childhood settings is increasing. As knowledge within the field increases, educators are looking to increase their knowledge around how children employ technologies and the process children go through to learn how to use technologies in play-based settings.

One publication that identifies how children learn to utilise technologies through play is the Bird and Edward’s (2014) Digital Play Framework (DPF). This pilot study used the DPF as an intervention tool to increase educators’ knowledge of technologies in play. The intervention involved educators attending a workshop where the DPF and the supporting theories were explained. The educators implemented the DPF as an observational tool in their own centres. The educators returned for a focus group where their experiences were shared.

This paper presents the findings, a revised edition of the DPF and suggests future research opportunities to continue to build knowledge in this area.