Living in Australia

Studying and living in Australia is a rewarding experience that you will remember for a lifetime. While the University of New England has many online learning options, it's well worth considering studying in our vast and beautiful country.

International students enjoy a high-quality life in New South Wales, Australia. The Australian people are relaxed, friendly and welcoming. Aussie summers are sunny and warm, but the air is bright and clear, even on cold winter days.

Australia is a relatively safe country with a multicultural atmosphere. Our people come from many countries and diverse backgrounds. As such, local restaurants serve a variety of delicious, cross-cultural cuisines.

UNE's main campus is in Armidale, a town surrounded by forests, mountain ranges, spectacular waterfalls and four national parks. In Armidale, you will experience the regional Aussie lifestyle at its best. You won't have to step far from campus to sight a koala, kangaroo or platypus.

Consider the top 5 reasons to live and study at UNE Armidale:

  1. We have one of the lowest staff-to-student ratios among Australian universities
  2. Our town welcomes students from over 80 nations
  3. We are an internationally recognised research centre with over 700 PhD candidates.
  4. UNE's modern English Language Centre offers a direct pathway to studying here
  5. With national parks and state forests right on the campus doorstep - Aussie adventure calls!

Some of our international students want to experience the thrill of living in a big Australian city. And there's no Australian city as bold and bright as Sydney. Our vibrant UNE Sydney campus offers a range of courses and easy access to Aussie landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and Taronga Zoo.

You will find a comfortable new home either on-campus or in a private rental or homestay nearby. There are plenty of affordable accommodation options in both Parramatta and Armidale.

Still not sure if studying and living in Australia is for you? Visit the Australian Government's Study in Australia site to find out more about the Australian lifestyle and your career prospects.