How to Write a Research Proposal That Meets the Expectations of Your Supervisors and Admiration of the PhD Confirmation Panel

A School of Education seminar presented on May 2nd, 2018 by Associate Professor Charles Kivunja

While I tell my Research Methods postgraduate students that there is ‘no one way to write a Research Proposal’, in this Seminar I wish to share with you my belief that there is a way to write your Research Proposal such that all the different stakeholders will be happy with it. Really? Yes. Fact. Not fiction.

It will meet the expectations of your Supervisors. It will be appreciated by the academics and fellow students attending your Confirmation Seminar. It will be admired by members of your PhD Confirmation Panel.

If you are in the process of developing a Research Proposal for the confirmation of your candidature in a Master’s or PhD degree, or if you are a Supervisor helping your student/s write a Research Proposal to be presented at their Confirmation of Candidature Seminar, or if you are an academic considering supervising a higher degree student, join us at this Seminar, at which I will draw upon what I have learnt as a teacher of Research Methods, as a member of higher degree confirmations panels, and from my own research, to dispel some of the myths about how to write an effective Research Proposal. At least, you will be able to take away, and exemplar of a good Research Proposal.