Mathematics Bridging Course

A School of Education seminar presented on August 1st, 2018 by Dr Jelena Schmalz

Dr Jelena Schmalz has been teaching mathematics at UNE for more than 10 years. Part of her engagement in first-year mathematics was the development of the UNE Mathematics Bridging Course and the new unit MTHS100, Introduction to Quantitative Skills, three years ago. Both units prepare students for studying tertiary mathematics. The aim of these units is not only to improve or brush up students' maths skills, but also to teach them the concepts behind the rules.

The Bridging Course and MTHS100 are usually taken either by mature age students for refreshing their knowledge and skills, or by young school-leavers who have not done enough mathematics at school.

In the talk Jelena will introduce the Bridging Course and MTHS100, and discuss the challenges of teaching these units. In particular, she will focus on the difficulties of the transition from school mathematics to university mathematics.

She hopes for some mutually beneficial interesting discussions.