Seminars held in 2016

Seminar TitlePresenter(s)

The African Association organises a 'welcome to the New England region'

The African Association of New England

Critical Theory

Professor Margaret Sims

Curricular Intervention in study abroad: The Australian experience

Zuocheng Zhang, Susan Feez, Mutuota Kigotho, Gaby Benthien and Goldie Sun

Educational Research in the Age of the Anthropocene

Dr Adele Nye, Dr Jennifer Charteris, Dr Vicente Reyes and Dr Sofia Mavropoulou

Ethics Applications at the University of New England

Mrs Jo-Ann Sozou

Everyone has a story to tell

Dr Benjamin Thorn

Exploring children’s use of working and non-working technologies in imaginative play Jo Bird

In Memory of Dr Paul Brock


Karl Marx’s Paradigm and Australian Educational Research

Dr Kelvin McQueen

Mentoring the mentor: Insights from school based educators

Dr Elisabeth Betlem and Dr Marguerite Jones

Post-humanist frameworks and early childhood education for sustainability Dr Sue Elliot

Positivist Paradigm

Associate Professor Huy Phan

Professional Partnerships: Mentoring the mentor

Dr Elisabeth Betlem, Dr Marguerite Jones and Dr Deidre Clary

PST Online: Developing resources for online teaching in virtual schools

Dr Yvonne Masters, Dr Sue Gregory and Stephen Grono

Research, the School of Education's current position Professor Heiko Daniel

The state of play for Adult Education courses at UNE and other Australian Universities

Dr Eryn Thomas

Statistical Model Building & Testing Emeritus Professor Ray Cooksey

Snapchat at school

Dr Sue Gregory, Dr Jennifer Charteris, Dr  Yvonne Masters, Associate Professor Myf Maple, Associate Professor Amanda Kennedy.

Strictly Prisma: Strategies on managing your systematic review

Ms Leonie Sherwin and Ms Tania Pearce

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in your teaching and learning

Dr Sue Gregory, Dr Lorina Baker & Ms Naomi McGrath

What kids are doing with ICT

Dr Sue Gregory and Martin Levins

Writing and preparing edited books and special issue journals: Practitioner’s perspectives

Dr Sue Elliott and Dr Keita Takayama