“Ouch, that hurts!” Bullying and aggression. Lessons that we can learn from the schoolyard

A School of Education seminar presented on August 29th, 2018 by Dr Angela Page

From the pioneering work in schools by Olweus in the 1970’s, bullying has been characterised as the repetition of an imbalance of power, often with an intention to hurt or cause harm.

Bullying and its underlying aggressive behaviour reaches a prevalence during early adolescence as young people begin to form and negotiate more complex relationships.

However, while bullying and aggressive behaviour declines by the end of the high school years, bullies can still be identified in the workplace.

This presentation will discuss the research in schools that has informed how to effectively address bullying and aggressive behaviour, and the importance of making a distinction between the two. What can we learn from the research conducted in schools that we can apply in the workplace?