Increasing the Societal Impact of your Research through Engagement

A School of Education seminar presented on April 11th, 2018 by Gilbert Meyns, Researcher Services Librarian

In 2017, the Australian Research Council, together with many Australian universities, completed a pilot of an Engagement and Impact assessment to accompany future rounds of Excellence in Research Australia. Currently, Research Offices around the country are adding finishing touches to their contributions to ‘EI 2018’, as this additional exercise has become known. In this short introduction to the topic, Researcher Services Librarian, Gilbert Meyns, will give an overview of the definitions and requirements that the ARC developed for the current EI Assessment round, and then canvas possible strategies for planning, documenting and increasing the societal impact of your research. As will be shown, one way to do this is through targeted forms of engagement that work to increase impact.


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