What is your conceptual framework?

A School of Education seminar presentd on March 7th, 2018 by Associate Professor Jeanette Berman

A focus on conceptual frameworks in higher degree research has intensified in recent years as there is demand for more awareness of the process of conceptualising, designing, implementing, interpreting and writing up of the research experience.

This presentation will:

  • explore the function of conceptual frameworks in supporting high quality, coherent research and written dissertations
  • share a model for developing explicit conceptual frameworks to ensure conceptually valid research
  • show how this can work at all stages of this intense process of learning that doctoral research students experience
  • show how a conceptual framework can provide a scaffold for supporting the processes of research from clearly defining the research problem to ultimately demonstrating new knowledge, new theorising and practical implications of research.

Questions that we will ponder include:

Why is it important to be deliberate about a conceptual framework in research and in supervision of research?

What can a conceptual framework contribute to a dissertation?

What is the difference between a conceptual and a theoretical framework and how do they fit together to increase the quality of research?