Fibre-enabled technology projects

UNE has embraced the National Broadband Network (NBN) to illustrate how emerging communication technologies can enable environments of learning and research that are relevant, enriching, and value-add to people's lives and the nation's wealth.

Fibre technology is playing an important role in everyday living and how people choose to transmit information and communicate with each other.  Academia is also using the power of fast speed broadband to partner with organisations and individuals in their communities at local, national and international levels. 

Our projects are relevant to people across the lifespan — from school kids who require support for maths literacy, to adults who are seeking to improve their employment options, to grandparents who require support with living independently in their homes, and to clinicians who want to take advantage of the tele-health opportunities that will change how health care is delivered in the future.

Our projects are collaborations with other universities, the CSIRO, governments at local, state and federal levels, professional and community organisations — such as schools, workplace organisations, clinicians, aged care providers.