Is there an app for that? Narratives of perils and progress when creating a digital Non Traditional Research Output (NTRO)

A School of Education seminar presented on May 23rd, 2018 by Dr Marg Rogers and Jo Bird

The use of digital technologies in early childhood education is increasing and encouraged in national frameworks and standards. The technologies young children are exposed to at home have become increasingly varied, interactive and targeted. This is because at home, children’s access has increased and because technology has become more pervasive in family life. As part of a PhD study, data was used to create storybooks and eBooks to assist children’s understanding about their experiences of a parent working away from home. One eBook was chosen to be converted to a digital app to meet the families’ needs as established in the PhD research. Although apps have been present for at least 8 years, the ability to transform data into this type of Non Traditional Research Output (NTRO) for children, early childhood educators and family workers within a university setting, was both challenging, eventful and rewarding. We share with you our narratives and lessons we learned along the long and hilly road.