Seminars held in 2018

Seminar TitlePresenter(s)
20 years of gathering children’s voices: The art of researching with children, not on children

Dr Jo Bird
Dr Chuanmei Dong
Dr Sue Elliot
Dr Angel Mok
Dr Yukiyo Nishida
Dr Margaret Rogers
Professor Margaret Sims

A is for Apple: Issues with translation and language Dr Benjamin Thorn
Achieving Optimal Best: A Focus of Inquiry from the Perspective of Cognitive Load Imposition

Associate Professor Huy Phan
Dr Bing Ngu

Acting ethically with approval: Venturing into online researchDr Rachael Adlington
Asia ConneXions Dr Myung Sook-Auh
Culturally Responsive Pedagogies: A resource for learning to live together in culturally diverse societies.

Professor Irabinna Rigney,
Associate Professor Robert Hattam,
Dr Devo Devrim,
Dr Stephen Kelley ( Introduction),
Dr Vegneskumar Maniam ( Response)

Digital Play Framework (DPF) InterventionDr Jo Bird
Dr Marg Rogers
Exploring educators’ use of technologies in early childhood settings Jo Bird
Dr Marg Rogers
How to Write a Research Proposal That Meets the Expectations of Your Supervisors and Admiration of the PhD Confirmation Panel Associate Professor Charles Kivunja
Increasing the Societal Impact of your Research through Engagement

Dr Gilbert Meyns, Researcher Services Librarian

Is there an app for that? Narratives of perils and progress when creating a digital Non Traditional Research Output (NTRO)

Dr Marg Rogers and Jo Bird

Lessons learned from a STEM-Integrated programDr Hui-Hui Wang
Mathematical enrichment in Australia and around the world

Dr Thomas Kalinowski
Dr Lena Schmalz

Mathematics Bridging Course Dr Jelena Schmalz
Metrics: a game of hide and seek

Eleanor Colla, Researcher Services Librarian

NVivo for Qualitative Research – Part IDr Nadya Rizk
NVivo for Qualitative Research – Part IIDr Nadya Rizk
“Ouch, that hurts!” Bullying and aggression. Lessons that we can learn from the schoolyard Dr Angela Page
Powerful language for educationally marginalised students: Developing a subversive pedagogy for the language and literacy of science Dr Helen Harper
Research ethics: Working in/with Aboriginal communities Associate Professor Bob Boughton
A report from Toomelah, NSW: Aboriginal community challenges, reflections and implications for UNE Indigenous Education Research

Dr Rose Amazan
Associate Professor Bob Boughton
Dr Julie Collins
Dr Vegnes Maniam
Dr Keita Takayama

Roles and responsibilities in the Confirmation of Candidature process ( restricted access )

Associate Professor Huy Phan,
Associate Professor Charles Kivunja,
Dr Robert Whannell

The thesis marking/supervision nexus Professor Margaret Sims,
Professor Neil Taylor,
Associate Professor Huy Phan
Dr Frances Quinn
UNE Discovery: Lifelong learning and engagement opportunities Dr Kirsti Abbott
Update on UNE Discovery Dr Kirsti Abbott
What is your conceptual framework? Associate Professor Jeanette Berman
What you talkin’ about Willis? Interpreting language for understanding Dr Robert Whannell
“You’re not J Smith- I’m J Smith!”: Make your ORCID author profile work for you Pauline Jenkins, Researcher Services Librarian