What you talkin’ about Willis? Interpreting language for understanding

A School of Education seminar presented on April 18th, 2018 by Dr Robert Whannell

One of the primary challenges to effective communication is the capacity to understand what is being said and written.  This seminar will present a variety of ideas and strategies to assist in understanding communication.  A variety of real-life examples will be used to illustrate how to interpret communication based upon the language used to create the "story".  The framework for the seminar will be a simple, easy to use, model that will be used to represent the process of communication.  The seminar will be useful for understanding everyday workplace communication, but will also provide food for thought in relation to understanding written and verbal communications in research.

The presenter brings a wide range of experience in law enforcement, intelligence analysis and academic research who will present a real-world, practical session about this most fundamental human activity.