The thesis marking/supervision nexus

A School of Education seminar presented on March 21st, 2018 by Professor Margaret Sims, Professor Neil Taylor, Associate Professor Huy Phan and Dr Frances Quinn

Expertise in thesis marking is a path you beat as you walk it. There can however be a ‘catch 22’ situation with submission supervisors seeking an experienced marker and academics with little experience passed over in favour of those who have a few theses under their belt.

The panel come from a range of Education disciplines and are happy to share their experiences to support academics with an interest in learning more about the marking/ supervision nexus. As educators, we appreciate that marking is a formative experience that can inform practice. A link with supervision is addressed in this seminar. The panel address two particular foci:

  • Important things to be mindful of when marking a thesis
  • Advice for supervisors preparing a thesis for submission