"The safety and wellbeing of all our staff and students in a central tenet of the UNE culture. Everyone who participates in our community is entitled to be treated with respect at all times, whether in the office, laboratory, library, cafes or bars, engaging through social media or in our social spaces on the campus.

We have a responsibility to provide leadership and support to the wider community, and exemplar the conduct and behaviours which are the hall mark of a respectful civil society.

UNE has affirmed that it stands by a zero tolerance approach to sexual assault or sexual harassment and fully endorses the strongest possible response to any infringement of this coda. We must act to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

Be a visible and vocal part of our community and stand up, speak out and take action when you witness inappropriate behaviours."

Professor Brigid Heywood - Vice-Chancellor & CEO

UNE Safe - free app

  • Security push notifications informing the UNE Campus users of a critical incident in real time,
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Safety Shuttle schedule and real-time location map
  • Friend Walk – allows you to location share with a friend so they can monitor your whereabouts
  • Report a tip, suspicious package/behaviour etc to Safety, Security & Information via email, phone or SMS,
  • Chat with Safety & Security via text
  • UNE Campus Map
  • Emergency Response Plans with links to Emergency Service Information
  • Support resources – direct contact to counselling, student grievance unit, Employee Assistance Program and other Government and NGO sites for support

Download UNE Safe

Free safety and security app available for iPhone or Android

App store (iPhone)  Play store (Android)

UNE Life resources

UNE Life's  'Be a Better Human' initiative was created with a group of students from the ground up, to reflect our campus culture and what we think everyone needs to appreciate – consent, respect and empathy. The campaign is called Be a Better Human, because we don’t just want it to be about what we shouldn’t do; we want it to be about self-improvement for everyone.