Current Students

The School of Education is the University of New England's largest School, offering a very broad range of studying opportunities.  We invite you to explore the School's web site as you progress through your course or if you are perhaps researching with a view to studying with us. Click to view our subject areas then link to the pages specific to these areas for information about courses available to study within the School of Education.

Teaching weeks in the School of Education are different from those in other parts of the University. See Quick Links to the right.

NSW Council of Deans - Teacher Employment video - Barbara Preston of the NSW Council of Deans of Education describes the current employment climate for NSW teachers (September 2015)

Advanced standing, special extension of time, policies

Find out about procedures for requesting a copy of your academic record (transcripts), UNE policies regarding advanced standing, plagiarism, special consideration and special extension of time.

Postgraduate Study

As an entry into the teaching profession, our postgraduate courses include Graduate Entry Degrees and Postgraduate Coursework.

As you study with us, you will become aware of our passion for research. UNE's Research Services; provides you with forms and information about entry to Higher Degree Research, research grants and postgraduate scholarships, intellectual property, as well as links across to associated policies.

The Office for Professional Learning (Practicum)

As you progress within the School of Education, you will also be required to undertake periods of professional experience (practicum).  The staff of the Office for Professional Learning will be your contacts as you navigate this aspect of your studies.