Our Departments

Our teaching, research and expertise across the School of Education is divided into five departments. Explore the expertise, research, activity, collaborations, partnerships and subject areas offered in each of our diverse and active departments at the links below.

a young Asian girl reading a book in a classroom settingDepartment of Curriculum

We’re passionate about creative expression, languages and communication and how these fields can assist children to develop and thrive in their learning and interactions.

We offer expertise in English literacies and language education, as well as in the creative and performing arts in UNE’s teacher education programs.

Our specialty subject areas are Creative and Performing Arts Education, and English, Literacies and Language Education.

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Close-up of children's hands working with coloured pencils and post-it notesDepartment of Diversity, Equity and Sustainability

Our focus on diversity, equity and sustainability ensures our student teachers are equipped to celebrate, nurture and cater for individual difference and that they can help children become socially and environmentally responsible global citizens.

Our courses draw on the latest research both in Australia and internationally to design and deliver modern, innovative and relevant content.

Our specialty subject areas are Early Childhood Education, and Health, Physical Education and Sports Studies.

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Two Bhutanese boys read a book together in a classroomDepartment of Globalisation, Leadership and Policy

We are passionate about championing educational access, equity, and opportunity worldwide, and promoting and enabling regional, rural, and remote education.

We help students to become educational leaders, who apply theory to practice through research, and who work in partnership with a large range of stakeholders to effect change from local to national levels.

Our specialty subject areas are Contextual Studies in Education, and Social Science Education.

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Young boy intent on completing an education activity on an iPadDepartment of Learners, Learning and Teaching 

In today's complex and swiftly changing environment, we believe teacher education must help develop effective educational leaders and teachers who are committed to the ongoing improvement of curriculum and pedagogy.

We acknowledge the complex role of the teaching profession in preparing children to lead productive and successful lives.

Our specialty subject areas are Learning and Teaching, and Special and Inclusive Education.

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Young boy in blur shirt crouched over small pieces of a mechanical toy car building set Department of STEM Education

STEM education has recognised potential to contribute to innovation and prosperity. It equips people to live well and sustainably in the natural and constructed, physical and social environment.

We have a strong focus on developing innovative, inclusive and culturally sensitive approaches to teaching STEM in Australian and international classrooms.

Our specialty subject areas are ICT Education, Mathematics Education, and Science Education.

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