Overseas study options for UNE students

Are you an Australian domestic student? Did you know that you can study overseas as part of your degree? Experience another culture for one semester or a full year!

We add new destinations regularly and currently offer Australian students the chance to study in Asia, Europe or North America.

You don't have to speak another language to study overseas. There are ample opportunities to study in an English-speaking country or to study a subject that's offered in English. Find out where you can go.

While you must have finished at least one year of full-time study before you apply, we generally recommend you go on tour somewhere in the middle of your undergraduate degree. At this time, you will still have the flexibility to choose the units you need to graduate. You will also be confident about university life and have started to build knowledge in your study area.

If you have good marks and attendance, you are more likely to get a place in the Study Abroad and Exchange program.

While academic-standing is essential, the cost of studying overseas doesn't have to be a limitation. You may be eligible for a scholarship or loan to help with fees. You may even be able to continue receiving Austudy or Youth Allowance if you are getting one of these payments now.

Many students wonder - 'How do I apply for a student visa?' or 'Do I need health and travel insurance?' Find the answers to the questions we hear all the time.

Most study abroad and exchange students can get credit towards their degree, but even if you don't qualify for credit, there are many advantages of studying overseas. You will:

  • meet people from different walks of life
  • learn new cultural practices
  • make global connections and lifelong friends

Studying abroad is an opportunity for personal growth as well as professional extension. Our students always come back from their overseas adventure with amazing exchange stories, fantastic study tour tales and a great sense of personal achievement.