Working in a PC2 Facility

PC2 Training

Any staff, students, visitors or volunteers working in PC2 laboratories at UNE must comply with the behavioural requirements set by the OGTR, irrespective of whether or not they are working with GMOs, risk category 2 pathogens or merely using equipment within the PC2 laboratory.

The behavioural requirements for work in a PC2 laboratory are found on the OGTR web site.

All staff and students must view the training video and obtain full marks on the associated quiz found on the UNE 'Moodle' suite, for lab safety before they are authorised to work in any PC2 laboratory on campus. All students must renew their PC2 certification on an annual basis by reviewing the information and successfully completing the quiz.

PC2 Inspections

PC2 laboratories are inspected annually by the IBC. Lab managers will be notified regarding the timing of the annual inspection. In addition, we may receive a visit by OGTR inspectors; notice may or may not be given of these inspections.

The inspection checklist is found here.

Applying for a New Physical Containment Facility

Staff requiring a new physical containment facility must complete the application form and submit this to the Chair of the IBC.

Further guidelines regarding certification of physical containment facilities are found on the OGTR web site.

Surrendering a Physical Containment Facility

If you no longer require an area to be maintained as a physical containment facility or if a building containing a Physical Containment is scheduled for demolition then the facility must be carefully decontaminated and WHS F055 (Interim) PC2 Lab Decommissioning Form completed and submitted to the Chair of the IBC.