UNESAFE Learning

What is UNESAFE Learning?

UNESAFE Learning is now here and is the University’s safety training library. UNESAFE Learning packages are e-learning and completed via our Skytrust System. UNESAFE Learning packages include: WHS General Induction; Site Specific Inductions; Emergency Warden Training; Risk Assessment; JSA & SOP writing and other safety related topics. Safety training packages are continually being developed and are available to all staff, students, contractors and visitors.

What are the benefits of UNESAFE Learning?

UNESAFE Learning provides a central point for all safety, emergency management and health and wellbeing training for UNE and will allow the University to deliver training as required under safety legislation. Benefits of UNESAFE Learning include:

  • Training Packages are in one central location in one system, Skytrust;
  • Training Packages are recorded on a centralised register and against your own profile in Skytrust and are easily accessible for reporting and governance;
  • Training packages can be easily developed and uploaded;
  • Business Units can have site specific training hosted in the library and access details of who has completed the training;
  • Training packages are available to all staff including casual staff, students, contractors and visitors. You do not have to have a UNE username to access them;
Where do I find UNESAFE Learning?

UNESAFE Learning is located in Skytrust.

For Staff the packages are attached to your own personal profile in Skytrust. To access:

  • Login into Skytrust and login using ‘Sign in with Microsoft’;
  • Select ‘My Profile’ in the menu at the top;
  • Select ‘UNESAFE Learning’ tab in your profile; and
  • Select the training package you wish to complete and click ‘Start Training’.

For Students, Contractors and Visitors to UNE you can complete the training packages as a ‘guest’ through the relevant links provided against each training package provided below.

Each training package will have a number of files (pdf, power point, videos, links etc) that you will open prior to completing the training questions.

If you have specific training needs or if your business unit has existing training that can be hosted in UNESAFE Learning please contact the UNESAFE Team whs@une.edu.au to assist in developing a tailor-made package that can be hosted in Skytrust.

UNESAFE Learning Packages

WHS General Induction

The University is a diverse and unique work environment. We have many people practising their skills, trades, research, studies and professions on campus. Before commencing work and study, all staff and students are required to be inducted into their workplace.

The WHS General Induction is required to be completed and will take approximately 30 minutes. The system records how long it takes to complete the training so please complete it properly and take the time to read all material before moving to the questions.

  • If you are a UNE Staff member to access the WHS General Induction training select the training through ‘UNESAFE Learning’ under ‘My Profile’ in Skytrust.
  • You will be required to read the ‘UNE WHS Induction pdf’; the ’WHS Rule’; and watch the ‘Understanding Safety Awareness Video’ – you can leave the documents open on the screen.
  • After completing this select ‘Start Induction and complete the 20 questions which require 100% pass.
  • After completion save or print your Certificate.
  • Following completion of the WHS General Induction staff, students and contractors are required to complete a WHS F039 Site Specific Induction checklist with their supervisor and may be required to complete further Site Specific Induction Training at their specific work location. There are a number of Site Specific requirements as outlined below.
  • For new staff you will be required to provide a copy of your WHS General Induction Certificate, completed WHS F039 Site Specific Induction Checklist, and Site Specific Induction (If applicable) to Safety and Security to be issued your ID Staff Access Card.
Site Specific Inductions

What are the Site Specific requirements for induction or other training?

All staff MUST complete a WHS F039 Site Specific Induction Checklist. This checklist is a site specific induction checklist that is completed with your supervisor for your work location at UNE.
Other specific work areas may require site inductions, some are outlined below and check with your supervisor if this is a requirement.

Laboratory Induction Resources - Laboratory Training Videos – to view videos click here.

WHS F051 Laboratory Induction Checklist - Students (42.5 KB)

A form per individual student, to demonstrate a formal induction to laboratory teaching areas

WHS F060 Induction for Clinical Simulation Lab - School of Health (39.3 KB)

Used to induct anyone that works or participates in the Clinical Simulation Lab of the School of Health

WHS Contractor Inductions -  click here to complete the module.

UNE SMART Farms Induction External Users

For non-UNE staff click here to complete the module.

Important note for contractors:

  • You are required to complete this induction every 12 months.
  • You will be sent a reminder via email.
  • Your Contractor ID card will only be valid for the period you have a valid induction.
  • Building access will be restricted via swipe cards.
  • Once you complete the relevant module above, a certificate will be generated and you must print it out and have it signed by your UNE Project Manager.

Please take the certificate to the UNE Safety and Security Office to have your ID card issued.

Centre for Animal Research and Teaching (CART) Induction

Currently in Development.

Emergency Warden Training

The WHS Team and Emergency Management Coordinator are responsible for the management of Emergency Wardens with the assistance of FMS. 

Emergency Warden Training is now available and is delivered in two parts on the Skytrust System. This training is MANDATORY for Wardens however Part A can be completed as a theory lesson for all staff or students.

Part A: A self-paced online Warden Training which uses a handbook as reference and a video to enable you to answer the mandatory questions.

  • This is completed in Skytrust and is available under your ‘profile’ as part of UNESAFE Learning.
  • Open the Handbook and watch the video.  Print or save your Certificate of Completion.

Once this is completed you will then be required to register for and complete Part B of the training.

As a non-UNE employee you can access and complete the Part A Training via the link Warden Part A Training.

Part B: This is face to face training that is delivered on completion of Part A.  It is a practical component and involves demonstrating competency as a Warden.

  • WHS will coordinate a number of Part B training sessions throughout the year based upon building precincts (Central, North, South, East, West, Bellevue). Wardens will attend the session allocated for their building.
  • Part B Training Calendar 2020
  • When attending the Part B Training, Wardens will be required to bring their Warden Vest, Certificate of Completion of Part A, and the WHS F076 Part B Assessment form.

After you have completed your Part B Practical Training you then need to upload your completed WHS F076 Part B Assessment Form to the Part B Training module.
This is completed in Skytrust and is available under your 'profile' as part of UNESAFE Learning. Select Warden Part B Training and upload the document here.

As a non-UNE employee you can access and complete the Part B Training Module via the link Warden Part B Training.

Other Safety Learning Coming Soon:
  • Staff Evacuations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Crash Course in Safety
  • Due Diligence for Officers
  • Managing Plant and Equipment
  • Working with Chemicals