Hazardous Substances

The University's Hazardous Substance Safety Advisor is Roland Helfer.

UNE uses Chemwatch® to register all chemicals on site and to access all current Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). For access to UNE's Chemwatch® subscription, please contact the Hazardous Substance Safety Advisor. Requests must be accompanied by written supervisor approval specifying the areas to be accessed and the level of access required (consult records only or create/ amend records).

Once Chemwatch® access has been granted, each user is advised to complete elementary UNE Chemwatch® training. The four unit content covers basic operation of Chemwatch® and ability to get an SDS. There is one Moodle badge associated with these four elementary units – the Chemwatch® SDS Badge.
This badge records who has successfully completed the quizzes associated to this elementary training.

Additional units for more advanced users, for example for ERS ASMs with control of labs, extend training in manifesting and label making.
There is also the Chemwatch® derived training section within the program itself that users can access.

The self-enrolling training for Chemwatch® is in Moodle.

The University's Hazardous Substances Reference Group comprises a number of technical experts across the organisation and provides advice to ensure the safe and compliant management of hazardous substances. The Chairperson and Secretary is the WHS Manager, Darren Stevenson.