Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBAs)

The Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBA) Regulatory Scheme includes:

  • The National Health Security Act 2007;
  • The National Health Security Regulations 2008; and
  • The Security Sensitive Biological Agent (SSBA) Standards.

The SSBA Regulatory Scheme was implemented in 2009 to improve the security of biological agents of security concern in Australia. The scheme regulates dealings (including receiving, holding, using and storing) of specific biological agents.

A two-tiered list of security-sensitive biological agents (SSBA's) has been established with the regulation of Tier 1 organisms commencing on the 31 January 2009 and the regulation of Tier 2 organisms commencing on the 31 January 2010.

Further information on the Regulatory Scheme can be found at Of particular note is the Security Risk Template which has been developed as a checklist for entities and facilities to use after completing a security risk assessment to ensure all risks have been identified and treated. The Security Risk Template can be used as a mechanism to check for compliance with the SSBA Standards.