UNESAFE is the University's Safety Management System and comprises of all resources within the system including Documents, Software Systems, Training and Resources, and the UNESAFE Team.

The UNESAFE branding is used to promote and identify our safety processes and practices, and to assist with embedding safety into our everyday culture. UNESAFE encompasses safety, health and wellbeing and emergency management.

Our Work Health and Safety, Wellbeing and Emergency Management Strategic Plan 2018-2020 provides five (5) key Strategic Objectives that align with the vision of UNE being a safe environment where safety is embedded as a priority for staff and students.

The 5 Key Strategic Objectives are:

1. Develop and maintain our capability to effectively manage safety and our organisational hazards and risks;

2. Provide training, support and motivate our staff to effectively identify, report and investigate workplace incidents, hazards and risks;

3. Develop our culture to embed safety and wellbeing into all processes and tasks to continuously improve performance;

4. Build resilience through structured Emergency Management and Business Continuity planning and response practices; and

5. Support the Health and Wellbeing of our staff and students and deliver appropriate Injury/Illness Management.