Determine 'Dealing' in relation to a GMO

Define a GMO 'Dealing'

A 'dealing' in relation to a GMO can include:

  1. conduct experiments with the GMO;
  2. make, develop, produce or manufacture the GMO;
  3. breed the GMO;
  4. propagate the GMO;
  5. use the GMO in the course of manufacture of a thing that is not the GMO;
  6. grow, raise or culture the GMO;
  7. import the GMO;
  8. transport the GMO;
  9. dispose of the GMO; and/or
  10. includes the possession, supply or use of the GMO.

Anyone wishing to carry out research on a GMO must first of all determine the level of dealing from the following list. Details and definitions are found on the OGTR website.

Levels of Dealing with a GMO

  1. Exempt dealing
  2. Notifiable Low Risk Dealings (NLRD)
  3. Dealings Not Involving Intentional Release (DNIR)
  4. Dealings Involving Intentional Release (DIR)

All current GMO work at UNE is classified either as an exempt dealing or an NLRD.

Anyone wishing to carry out work on a GMO on campus must complete WHS F054 (Interim) GMO Dealing Checklist, aimed at assisting you to classify the dealing.

If your work is classified as an exempt dealing, you must still follow approved procedures for containment of exempt dealings and carry out the work in a lab that meets at least PC1 requirements.

If your work is classified as an NLRD you must complete WHS F056 (Interim) Notification of a Notifiable Low Risk Dealing Form and submit it for assessment by the IBC. Your work will also have to be undertaken in an approved Physical Containment PC2 facility.

The completed application form must be submitted to the IBC Chair who will convene a meeting with the IBC members to consider the application. Please allow at least six weeks for your application to be processed.
Please make sure that you complete the form with detailed, accurate and specific information. Failure to do this is likely to result in the rejection of your application and substantial delays to your work.

You must have written approval from the IBC prior to commencing work on any GMO dealing that is classified as an NLRD.