WHS Guidelines and Resources

There are a variety of additional and tools and resources available to assist management and staff with the management of Work Health and Safety (WHS) at UNE.

Computer Workstation Ergonomic Video: Shows you some of the 'best practice' settings for your workstation.

Guidelines: Provide clear expectations for managing specific scenarios and mitigating risk.

Health and Safety Talk Notices: Use these informative resources in meetings, or display on WHS Notice Boards to create a 'WHS spot light' in your work environment.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Library: JSAs are used to document the process for an entire task from planning through to completion. A JSA may reference several SOPs if a particular job requires the use of several items of plant, equipment, machinery, tools or includes the mixture of hazardous chemicals.Completed JSAs are available for application for various Schools and business units.

Risk Assessments: Risk assessments relating to particular activities or hazards can be found here. Please note that these will need to be customised for your specific purpose prior to use.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Library: At UNE we define an SOP as a document that describes the steps carried out to utilise a particular piece of plant, equipment, machinery, tool, or to mix hazardous chemicals.