UNE Institutional Biosafety Committee

The UNE Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is required by the Government to oversee all work on GMOs at UNE. This includes:

  • inspection, registration and deregistration of physical containment facilities;
  • approvals for projects involving genetically modified organisms; and
  • maintaining records of GMOs on campus.

Members of the IBC are as follows:

  1. Dr Heather Nonhebel (Chair)
  2. Mr Roland Helfer (Safety Advisor, Hazardous Substances)
  3. Assoc Prof. David Backhouse
  4. Prof. Steve Walkden-Brown
  5. Dr Gal Winter
  6. Ms Jenifer Druitt
  7. Mr John Pesor
  8. Lay person: Mr Tim Elliott
  9. FMS person (TBC)
  10. Dr Daniel Ebert