Remote Sensing-based Precision Agriculture Tools for the Sugar Industry

Precision Agriculture researchers Andrew Robson, Rob Bramley (CSIRO) and David Lamb (UNE-PARG) kicked off the project "Remote sensing-based precision agriculture tools for the sugar industry".

Funded by the Sugar Research and Development Corporation (SRDC) to the tune of $395k over three years, the project aims to evaluate high resolution satellite imagery as a tool for identifying mid-season crop variability and in particular under-performing crop regions, thus aiding in the future implementation of PA through strategies such as targeted soil sampling, targeted agronomy for improved detection of in season constraints and zonal management.

The project will be closely linked with another SRDC-funded, 6 year PA project, "A coordinated approach to Precision Agriculture RD&E for the Australian sugar industry" also led by Rob Bramley.

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