X-ray Physics and Imaging Group Overview

Our research group's objective is to conduct internationally competitive research in a wide range of topics, including: X-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography, coherent diffractive imaging, diffraction tomography, phase retrieval, and small angle scattering, and computational science and image analysis. Such research has direct applications in biomedical imaging, soil science, non-destructive testing, materials characterisation, agriculture, ecology, nanotechnology and many other areas.

Group Members

Core Group Members

Dr Konstantin Pavlov, Adjunct Associate Professor 
Associate Professor Bob Murison , SS&T
Dr Stephen Bosi, Lecturer in Physics, SS&T
Dr Jelena Schmalz, Lecturer in Mathematics, SS&T

Honorary Academic Associates

Prof. Timur Gureyev 
Associate Professor Bob Murison 
Senior Lecturer Yakov Nesterets
Dr Greg Falzon

Postgraduate Students

Darren Thompson (K.M. Pavlov, T.E. Gureyev and Y.I Nesterets are supervisors of his PhD)
Michael Williams (S. Bosi and K.M. Pavlor are joint supervisors of his PhD)

Contact Us

Dr Konstantin Pavlov
Adjunct Associate Professor
Email: Konstantin.pavlov@canterbury.ac.nz