Computational Science Group

About Us

The computational science group at UNE is a group of computer scientists, data scientists, mathematical modelers, and technology designers who discover and explore problems and phenomena through computing. Our research is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and applied - we predominantly use computing as a lens to explore the world rather than working on research questions that lie purely within computer science.

Our People
Professor Paul KwanProfessorpaul.kwan+61 2 6773 2034
Dr William BillingsleySenior Lecturerwbilling+61 2 6773 2387
Dr Gregory FalzonSenior Lecturergfalzon2+61 2 6773 2387
Dr Peter LoxleyLecturerploxley+61 2 6773 2307
Dr David PaulLecturerdpaul4+61 2 6773 2447
Dr Edmund SadgroveLectureresadgro2+61 2 6773 5549
Dr Mitchell WelchLecturermwelch8+61 2 6773 5004
Research Facilities

The school maintains a "computational cloud" - a number of computing servers for data intensive projects that are used extensively by our group and others across the school.


Please see academics' profiles for their most recent publications.

Research Student Opportunities

Most academics within the group are actively interested in taking on research students. The application areas we work in can be very varied, as can be the approaches we employ (from modeling, machine learning, and data science through to more qualitative research-through-design). Consequently, prospective students are encouraged to browse the profile pages of our academics, to see which might work in a similar area or use similar approaches to those you wish to take in your research, and contact us directly.

Excellence in Research Australia

Our research relates to the following three Excellence in Research Australia codes.

  • 0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
  • 0803 Computer Software
  • 0806 Information Systems

Contact Us

Dr William Billingsley
Phone: +61 2 6773 2513


Dr Mitchell Welch
Phone: +61 2 6773 5004


Dr David Paul
Phone: +61 2 6773  2447