Our Theme Leaders

Our team's research includes the development and application of:

  • electromagnetic sensors
  • techniques that enable increased agricultural production
  • remote sensing/geographic information systems (GIS)
  • artificial intelligence to agricultural challenges.

David Lamb

Professor David Lamb

Theme 1: Plant, soil and climate sensing
Prof. Lamb's research interests include applied optics and precision agriculture and the development and application of remote and proximal optical and electromagnetic sensors, including optical fibre sensors for environment, chemical, physical and biophysical sensing.

dlamb@une.edu.au | +61 2 6773 3565

Dr Jamie Barwick (Deputy Group Leader)

Theme 2: Precision livestock management
Dr Jamie Barwick has been a member of PARG since 2011. Jamie's work focuses on the use on-animal sensors (accelerometers, GNSS, IMUs) to investigate the spatio-temporal variability in extensive livestock systems to improve production and efficiency.

jbarwic2@une.edu.au | +61 2 6773 4244

Andrew Robson

Associate Professor Andrew Robson (Group Leader)

Theme 3: Remote sensing for crop management
A/Prof. Robson has been involved in agricultural research since 1996, firstly as a technician with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, and then with the Queensland government, developing remote sensing/GIS applications. Currently, Andrew’s research includes peanut, sugar cane, tree crops and grains incorporating satellite, airborne and field-based technologies.

andrew.robson@une.edu.au | +61 2 6773 4085

Greg Falzon

Dr Greg Falzon

Theme 4: Intelligent and autonomous systems
Dr Falzon is the director of C4D: Spatio-temporal Analysis Support Unit and has expertise in a wide range of statistical, image analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence subjects. He specialises in applying these techniques to agricultural challenges.

gfalzon2@une.edu.au | +61 2 6773 2387



Dr Rhiannon Smith

Dr Rhiannon Smith

Theme 5: Healthy agricultural environments
Dr Rhiannon Smith has been conducting biodiversity and ecosystem services research in the cotton industry since 2005. Rhiannon leads the Smart Tree project and her current research is centred on improving the health of floodplain and riparian trees such as river red gums by investigating their ecohydrology and physiological requirements using a variety of sensors.

rsmith66@une.edu.au | +61 2 6773 3297