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Remote sensing offers significant opportunities to transform agricultural production systems today. Developing these technologies to ensure they deliver measurable benefits to growers involves ongoing collaboration between industry, agricultural agencies and researchers.
This centre is about bringing these capabilities together to address industry priorities, and providing the scientific expertise necessary to validate their effectiveness on-farm.

AARSC Director, Professor Andrew Robson

Industry solutions

G Wright

This imagery gives us a pretty good correlated measure of the maturity of the crop under the ground, so that is a really powerful tool for a grower.
Potentially a farmer could go in, based on this map, and just harvest particular areas that are at their optimal maturity and then leave others until they become fully mature.

Dr. Graeme Wright, Peanut Company of Australia (Manager of Breeding & Innovation)

We have got very good data for the last four years and three out of the last four years provided an accuracy of 97 per cent or better [...] It also identifies the poor yielding areas and this has been useful in the Bundaberg region, particularly in the last couple of years, with the floods that we have had.

Gavin Lerch, Bundaberg Sugar Grower Services

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