About the School of Science & Technology

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The School of Science and Technology comprises of a broad range of disciplines. These include study areas in Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Computer Science, Exercise Science, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics and Electronics and Statistics.

The School conducts teaching and research through an exciting range of undergraduate, honours and postgraduate coursework degrees as well research degrees requiring completion of a substantial research project within these disciplines, which requires the submission of a thesis reporting the outcomes of the research project.

There are a number of scholarships open to students who choose to study with UNE, ranging from small to large scholarships, or one-off bursaries.

Undergraduate Study

We offer an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Animal Science and Veterinary Studies, Applied Physics, Archaeology, Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Botany, Chemistry, Computational Science, Forensic Science, Genetics, Geography, Geoscience, Mathematics, Medicinal Chemistry, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Palaeobiology, Physiology, Psychology and Zoology.

The School of Science and Technology also offers undergraduate degrees in Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours, Bachelor of Exercise  and Sports Science, Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with Honours, Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology with Honours . We also offer the Diploma in Science, Bachelor of Science with Honours and Bachelor of Scientific Studies.

Undergraduate Pathways

Postgraduate Study

We offer postgraduate study in the Graduate Certificate in Science, Graduate Diploma in Science and Master of Scientific Studies. Our Computer Science discipline offers the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology, Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, Master of Information Technology, Master of Information Technology (Business), Graduate Certificate in Data Science, Graduate Diploma in Data Science, Master of Data Science and Master of Computer Science.

Postgraduate Study (Research)

We offer the research degree, Master of Science in a range of disciplines. MSc graduates and graduates who have completed an Honours program in Science at the appropriate level or who have completed a coursework Master degree which has a research component of at least 25% are eligible to apply for entry into a science-based Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Postgraduate Pathways

Our Research

We are proud of the research achievements across our disciplines, often supported by internal and external grants and Australian Research Council funding. Staff within our disciplines have consistently received formidable results in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) report. Research in the School encompasses a number areas including Bioactive Discovery in Health and Ageing, Brain Behaviour, Chemistry Research, Free Radical and Oxidative Stress, Industrial and Environmental Process Technology, Mathematical Analysis and Modelling, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, Precision Agriculture, SMART Farms and X-ray Physics and Imaging.