Healthy Agricultural Environments

Theme 5: Healthy Agricultural Environments to Support Production, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Provision

Dr Rhiannon Smith has been conducting biodiversity and ecosystem services research in the cotton industry since 2005. Rhiannon leads the Smart Tree project and her current research is centred on improving the health of floodplain and riparian trees such as river red gums by investigating their ecohydrology and physiological requirements using a variety of sensors.

Dr Rhiannon Smith

Theme 5 Projects
  • Smith R., Ryder D., Reid N., Tongway D. (2015–18) ‘Managing riparian corridors on cotton farms for multiple benefits.’Cotton Research and Development Corporation ($453 000).
  • Smith R., Reid N., Ryder D., Norton D., Kelly B. (2015) ‘Determining the age and causes of river red gum dieback in the northern Murray Darling Basin.’ Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering ($20 000).

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